How do I know what size Sun Hut to purchase?
Choosing your Sun Hut is simple. Sun Huts come in various dimensions to accommodate the growers needs for the perfect grow space.
I know that reflectors and ballasts get very hot. Will the excess heat melt my Sun Hut?
Sun Huts are designed to withstand the heat that HID reflectors and ballasts produce. Furthermore, Sun Hut grow tents have built in ventilation socks to air cool your reflectors for a more stable growing environment.
Does the outside of a Sun Hut get hot?
The Sun Hut temperature will reflect that of the ambient temperature inside the Sun Hut.
How do I assemble a Sun Hut?
Each Sun Hut comes with assembly instructions inside the box. You can also download the assembly instructions from each product page. To view our SunHut Assembly Video, check out our video page.
What are the suggested methods of cooling the inside of a Sun Hut?
There are three methods of cooling your Sun Hut. First, a portable air conditioning unit can be installed inside the Sun Hut. Secondly, reflectors can be air cooled to exhaust heat produced by the HID lamps. Third, intake and exhaust fans can be installed to circulate air in the tent.
Can I use my Sun Hut outside?
While Sun Huts are a portable growing environment, we do not recommend them being used in an outdoor environment.
Can I split my Sun Hut down the middle in order to grow plants that require different lighting conditions?
For larger Sun Huts, a room divider can create two separate grow spaces.
Where can I purchase Sun Hut replacement parts?
Sun Hut replacement parts are available from Authorized Sun Hut Retailers.
What reflector can I use inside a Sun Hut?
Sun Huts work with nearly every reflector on the market. Choosing the right Sun Hut will depend on what type of growing environment you are looking for. Reflectors in the market today are designed to provide light to a 2' x 2' area, all the way up to a 6' x 6' area, dependent on the wattage of your ballast and lamp. In some cases, multiple lighting systems will be required in larger Sun Huts.
Can I operate my ballast inside my Sun Hut?
Yes, your ballast can be located inside your Sun Hut, however, in order to extend the life of your ballast, it is suggested that your ballast be operated outside the Sun Hut. All Sun Huts have built-in power cord and lamp cord openings to allow ballasts to be kept outside the growing environment.
Do I need to use a tray on the floor of the Sun Hut or can I use a tray stand?
The equipment options for your growing space is completely up to you. With the oversized tent dimensions, Sun Huts fit the largest trays on the market.
What is the best type of hydroponic system to use inside a Sun Hut?
Sun Huts are designed and tested with the Flo-n-Gro line of products in mind. Flo-n-Gro offers a wide variety of easy to use and affordable hydroponic systems.